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If you releate in any way to The Holms from Porvoo in Finland, we would like to hear from you, especially if you can't find your self in our charts

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Related to the Holms

The famous artist Albert Edelfelt's son Albert, the last of the Finnish Edelfelt male-line.

The founder of Brunberg's Chocolate Factory Karl Lennart Brunberg
Link to the Brunberg Factory's homepage

Maria Rosina Krook, married to the founder of Nokia Oy Knut Fredrik Idestam
Link to the Nokia Oy's homepage

The Hougberg Family

Related to the half-sibling branch

Borgström Family

The Borgström's from Porvoo in Finland are closely related to the Holms via the half-siblig branch of the Holms. You can find many known persons in this family, for example the Mannerheims and the former rulers of the Jugoslavs. You can also find Aurora Karamzin in this family, her maiden name is Eva A C Stjernvall, she was very famous for the work she done to support the poor people.

Solitander Family

Leif Hernberg
Inger Hernberg

Related to the Vihti (swedish) branch


Kristian J W Holm
Nicklas Kaj Kenneth Kekkonen-Holm
Johan Lars Nickes Bror Holm
Linus Holm
Jean Christoffer Sund
Michelle Bietmirza
Nicole Bietmirza


Hans Maurer


Thale Linnerud

Related to the Askola (finnish) branch

Ancestors of The Holms book co-writer Meri Kristina Toiviainen

Related to the site owner

Ancestors of Frans and Aina Ahlberg, my grandparents on the maternal side

The next two charts releates through my grandparents on the paternal side


The following charts releates through my present wife with orgin in Ikaalinen Finland.

Pertta (Ikaalinen)
Mäkelä (Karttu, Ikaalinen)
Johan Gesti (Ikaalinen)
Anniina Talvinen
Roosa Vesala
Ella Vesala
Giovannina Cilento
Antonio Cilento

The following charts releates through both Ikaalinen Finland and Sursill.

Torsti Ruokoski