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If you releate in any way to The Holms from Porvoo in Finland, we would like to hear from you, especially if you can't find your self in our charts

Also if you're related, why not get a name.surname @ eMail address for only 30 Eur/year, this would help a lot to keep our family site running. Look at the Sponsor the project link.

I am a Holm, What can I do?

If you can prove that you're The Holms descendant, the best thing to do is to support our projet to find all descendants of Hans Holm, and to also support our efforts to find where we really came from. This can be done by subscribing to a email address, we will only charge 30 Eur/year for the address, and it includes web-mail. It's only 2.50 EUR per month and it can support keeping this web site alive, and making the research on finding out our real ancestors possible.

How do I join the support program?

Send an eMail to the address found in the footer of these pages with your name and real address information, and how you releate to the Holms. Have a look at the charts we present on this web site, and mention where you would connect. If your connection is approved, you will get a confirmation eMail from the webmaster, and a invoice for the coming 12 months. Your account will be activated when we receive the payment.
You will also receive a new invoice one month before your current subscription ends, and if we receive the payment in time your subscription continues for the next 12 months.

Why should I support the site?

There is no obligation to support this site, but it would make it possible to conduct the research in a little faster pace, and help a little in maintaining and hosting costs for the site.