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Ancestors of some Hans Holm descendants

Ancestors of the site owner Lars J W Holm (big)
Note, this chart also goes for my siblings, Bror, Bertil and Cecilia

Ancestors of my son Kristian J W Holm (big)

Ancestors of The Holms book co-writer Meri Kristina Toiviainen
Ancestors of Marta Hirn who wrote the book about Johan "Näse-Jutte" Holm

Present time branches.

Today we have three clear branches of the Holm family, the main branch that descended from Johan Emil Holm (Härkölä manor in Vihti), and two finnish branches that descend from his brother Ernst Alexander Holm (Käpykylä manor in Askola). The finnish branch has divided into two branches, the older and the younger branch. The older branch descend from Ernst Alexander's son Alexander Holm, and the younger branch from Alexanders younger brother Enoch Holm.

The main branch (Vihti) elderman, Lars J W Holm (big)
The older finnsh branch (Askola) elderman, Lauri Johannes Holm
The younger finnsh branch (Askola) elderman, Toivo Tapio Holm

Some familys in our ancestry.

Here are a few ancestral familys that can be found in our ancestry.

The Hopenstong family