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If you releate in any way to The Holms from Porvoo in Finland, we would like to hear from you, especially if you can't find your self in our charts

Also if you're related, why not get a name.surname @ eMail address for only 30 Eur/year, this would help a lot to keep our family site running. Look at the Sponsor the project link.

Contact information

To contact the Holms use either the email address found in the footer part of these pages, or send traditional mail to the following address:

Lars J W Holm
Huovilanmutka 7
FIN-07220 Kaarenkyla

I can also be reached now and then through Skype on the internet, my Skype id is:


Information correcting/submitting

Please download the form.pdf from the link here under, print it out and after filled send to the address found here. NOTE! the fax number found in the file is no longer in use.
You can also submit the same information in an email to the email address in the footer of this page.

Questionarie form

Information Wanted!

We constantly try to get the information on our Family as up to date as possible, and therefore we'd like to ask for your help in completing a few of the family branches. If you know that you descend from some of the branches listed, please contact the email found in the footer of this page, or use the traditional mail address above.
Keep in mind that we can not show all information we have about any single person, according to the laws here in Finland. We simply show the names, so be creative, the first name shown isn't allways the name the person used in everyday life, but it's still the official firstname.
So now, please click any of the links to open the chart, and see if you could help in completing any branch in the chart.