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If you releate in any way to The Holms from Porvoo in Finland, we would like to hear from you, especially if you can't find your self in our charts

Also if you're related, why not get a name.surname @ eMail address for only 30 Eur/year, this would help a lot to keep our family site running. Look at the Sponsor the project link.


Even if the description of the links are in english, the content may not be in english. On some of the pages you can choose language, but not on all.

Genealogy Links

Finnish genealogy
Swedish Genealogy
Family Association of Toiviainen
The Hahr Family
Strang Switzerland
Kiviniemi Family
Calamnius Family Association
Anneli Kotisaari Homepage
The Genealogy Researchers Association in Porvoo

Places Links

Askola, the neighbour county to Porvoo
Uusikaupunki, on the westcoast of Finland
The Capital of Finland
Hedekas Sweden
Vihti, Finland

Holm related company's

CXG Solutions Oy Ltd.
Ilse Holm
Rauman ATK-Antti Oy
Sami Garam

If you are a Hans Holm descendant, and you have a company web page, please submit the url to me to be included in this link list.

Garden links

Garden store Piha-Center Porvoo

Software Links

Brothers Keeper
KSTableau V4
Lasse´s xHarbour page

News Links

Digital News
Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE
Finlands main newspaper Helsingin Sanomat
The local Newspaper of Porvoo (swedish)

Entertainment Links

Kroma Productions
L'Enfant et les sortiléges
Rainakani Home Movies
Guitar shred show.
Mika Tyyskä and Liina Toiviainen, (Liina's mother born Holm), got the Europrix Top Talent price in Wienna for their online Internet pages. They was also awarded the price for the best Multi-Media work and for the creative usage of music in Multi-Media.

Guitar links

Hagstrom Guitars (orginal)
Present Hagstrom Guitars
Hagstrom UK
Hagstrom Guitar restoration
Hagstrom Guitars Reborn

To our knowledge, not related to us.

Holms of Stromness
The Holmes DNA Project
Sir Ian Holm's Adventures
Holms Industri AB
Grand Holm Marina in Haapsalu Eesti