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2017.12.23 Merry Christmas 2017
2015.04.09 Added information about DNA and genetic genealogy to the History page.
2012.07.17 In 2002 when the Holms book was published, it contained about 380 pages of family history.
Today the book is available only as an huge pdf file on a CD, and contains over 1000 pages of information. To cover the cost of maintaining this Holm homepage copies of the CD is for sale at the price 25 EUR plus deliverycosts 3 EUR inside Europe, other regions please ask.
Price for non Holm descendants is 40 EUR plus deliverycosts.
Order by emailing me to the email address found in the footer of these pages.
2009.04.27 Added the Calamnius family connection charts to the descendants page.
2008.03.03 Added a MAP showing where the Holms of today are.
2007.11.05 The Museum of Porvoo has published a book about the Holm family in the 1700 century.
Authors are Merja Herranen, Juha Jämbäck, Hannele Tenhovuori and Henrik Wager all from the Museum of Porvoo.
The book is on sale at the Holm House and in the Museum and the price is 28 €
2007.09.01 The siteowners brother Bror Holm married his long time partner Maria Holmqvist. The ceremony was held in the Hedvig Eleonora Church in Stockholm, and afterwards the celebrations continued at Grödinge Hembygdsgård about 40 km outside Stockholm. Among the guests was his siblings with family and their closest friends over the years.
We all wellcome Maria Holm into the family.
2007.08.26 The Porvoo Genealogy Association will wisit the Holm House on September 27 2007, and will hear the story of the house told by Mrs Merja Herranen the head of the Museum. Lars J W Holm will also tell a bit about the Holm family for his fellow genealogists as he is the chairman of the association for the year 2007.
2007.06.14 The official opening ceremonies of the Holms House was today. As I was one of the invited persons, I was present, and I have to say that the folk's at the Porvoo Museum have done an amazing work with the house. I urge all of you Holm descendants to visit the house and see for your self.
I also wish to express our greatest Thank You to all the people at the museum, and the museum association for the work done to restore the house to what it was and allways should be. Specially I have to say Thank You to Mrs Merja Herranen on the behalf of all in the Holm Family living today, most likely also the past generations would have loved the work you've done.
2007.06.10 The official opening ceremonies of the Holms House will be on jun 14 2007. The opening will be made by the General Secretary of the Museum Federation of Finland Anja-Tuulikki Huovinen. As the family eldermen I am also invited, and I'm looking forward to see what the Porvoo Museum and their Director Mrs Merja Herranen have accomplished. I belive that they have done a tremendous work to restore the property to what once was the home of Johan Holm, our ancestor.

Jun 14 2007 Jun 15 2007

2007.05.04 The restaurated Holm house in Old Porvoo will open up again on june 16 2007 according to information found on the web pages of the Porvoo Museum.
2007.03.21 Today I had a meeting with the manager of the Porvoo museum, discusing about the Holm house, and photographing old portraits and other things that have belonged to the Holms. Some of the photos I will publish later on these pages, some will have to wait for the new book about our family.
2007.01.18 Today the local newspaper Borgåbladet had an extensive article about the Holm house in Old Porvoo. The Porvoo Museum that owns the house today are doing restauration works in the house that will open as a museum showing how the Holm merchandant family lived in the 1700's. The opening will be in june 2007.
2007.01.03 The new layout of this site published. I know that there are chart links missing for the moment, they will reappear within the next few weeks. Some of the old charts will jump over to my other site concerning Sursill and Calamnius genealogy, find the link at top of this page.
2006.12.30 To all of you visitors and relatives, a Big thank you for the year gone. In 2005 we had around 11000 visitors to our website, but this year there has been over 25000 visitors from over 60 countries.
2006.12.13 Calamnius and Sursill charts updated.
2005.10.23 Added the ancestry of my grand-parents on my mothers side. Many thanks to Tuiju Olsio from Frankfurt and also to Erkki Järvinen from Visuvesi, Thank You!
2004.08.02 Nicklas Kaj Kenneth Kekkonen lost his life in an traffic accident outside Stockholm Sweden. We all miss you!

Nicklas Kaj Kenneth Kekkonen 1973.12.11 - 2004.08.02

2004.06.24 The site moved to our own server.
2002.10.30 Updated the charts. Many thanks to Hans-Erik Krokfors.
2002.10.12 The site owner, and one of the authors of the upcoming book about The Holms, Lars Holm, will be recorded for an upcoming program about computers and genealogy by the Finnish Brodcasting Company YLE, on monday October 14. The program will be brodcasted in january 2003.
2002.09.30 Updated the charts, many thank's to Lennart A Hahr, USA.
2002.06.10 Updated the charts. Many thanks to Anna Hougberg and Stefan Othman.
2002.04.22 Updated the charts. Many thanks to Tom Brunberg, Porvoo, Finland.
2001.11.06 Updated the charts. Many thanks to Kari Puumanen, Espoo, Finland.
2001.11.04 Updated the charts. Many thanks to Monica Johansson, Stockholm Sweden.