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Because of the many dissasters that has happened to the town of Porvoo, it's practically impossible to reach beyond 1600. Maybe we newer find out from where Hans Holm came, but with todays knowledge about the life in those day's, and by analyzing the information that we have about those other familys that was connected either by marriges or other activities to the Holms, we can fairly certain make the conclusion that the Holms came to Porvoo the same route as many other merchants, via balticum over Vyborg and later into Finland, either from Germany or from Sweden. For the moment my best guess is that Hans Holm and Hindrich Willmerdink could be the same person, and our family 's orgin is somewhere in Germany, but as I said, it's only a guess. There is other possible paths to our orgin one suggesting we're vallons coming either directly or via Sweden to the Porvoo area. The mystery needs more investigations.
Already in the beginning of 1700 the Holms started to play an important part in Porvoo, they were members in the town council, they were merchants and owners of many manors still existing today. One of the Holms, Carl Magnus Holm was the mayor of the town.
After the fire in Porvoo in 1760, Johan Holm was among the first one's to build a house of stone, it was ready in 1763, and is still standing near the market square in the old town of Porvoo. Today the house is owned by the Museum of Porvoo, and they are doing restoration works, preparing to restore it back to a house of the merchant Holm. The museum have a great collection of furniture formerly belonged to the Holms, they will be used in the interior when the restauration is finished. The opening will be in the summer 2007.
Find more information about the Holm house by visiting the Museum's homepage from the link to the right->.

Here is a picture of the house in an painting by Frans Nyberg

and here is a picture of the house as of present time the photo is Copyrighted 2008 by Ilse C Holm

A MAP showing where the Holms are today

DNA Genetic Genealogy.

I have recently got the results of my DNA tests on our familys father line. To my surprise we belong to a very rare haplotype in the nordic countrys, J-ZS10767

DNA research has found at least one distant cousin to us, living in Chile. We should have a common ancestor about 375 to 1350 years ago. I have been in contact with the person, hes roots are also from the same area in Germany that is suspected to be our familys orgin before we came to Porvoo in Finland.
This distant cousine also have much the same look as I had when I was younger.

To our suprise (me and our distant cousine) we started a whole new branch on the J-haplotree, and now we're waiting that some more testers doing the BigY DNA test so that we'll get more matches on our branch, and more accurate age estimates.

Here is a map showing areas were our haplotype is found

This link shows a map of known tested DNA samples containing the same mutations as in our sample.
J-M267 haplotype

Descendant Charts Holm Family

Hans Holm, our first known ancestor, full chart (big)
The half-sibling branch (big)
The sonson of Hans, Anders Holm married the widow after Johan Israelsson, Maria Bertilsdotter. Maria had at least two children with Johan and with Anders Holm she got four more. The chart above shows the descendants of Johan Israelsson.
Johan died together with Anders Holms father Erik when they defended Porvoo in the war against the russians. This happend on the bridge to Porvoo on 11 May 1708.

The full chart of all descendants of Maria Bertilsdotter (big)

Here are smaller charts based on branches.

Hans Holm abt. 1640 - abt. 1680
wife unknown
Erik Hansson Holm abt. 1665 - 1708
Helena Kraftenberg abt. 1665 - 1732

Here the main branch splits again into the present time branches.

Johan "Näse-Jutte" Holm 1789 - 1866
Eva Amalia Krook 1791 - 1846